Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nakhla Irakiyya..

I was in French class the other day, it is in fact an Atelier , it is supposed to make us practice our language and become more fluent, (which I fail to be)..
The subject for discussion for that day was : What if Dreams can come True..?
So here goes :
What if u can make Only One wish come true? (Have back my Watan - Iraq ..).
What if u were to solve One problem in this world ? (War, Occupation, and Ghurba) .. (they sound all just One to me) .
If I were to be a plant, What Plant would I choose to be ? ( Nakhla Iraqiya – an Iraqi Palm Tree).. (I always feel our Nakhal is different, it really is).. for me it resembles Perfection in every way .. subhan Allah ..
I then noticed that it was only me who always gave replies to do with War, Watan, Iraq, etc..
My colleagues gave all kinds of answers :
Voyager around the world , buy a Porsche , buy a Fancy villa , solve the Famine in Africa, solve the Water problem, marry a Millionaire, be very Rich, buy a Yacht, cure Cancer, Cure Aids, solve the Pollution problem, solve Child Abuse problems, etc..
I thought to myself is it only me or is it all of us Iraqis who cant take Iraq out of our minds for one minute? Cant stop connecting everything to Iraq?
When I heard their replies I felt so isolated, here r people who haven’t been through wars, who haven’t suffered from loss of a dear one, who haven’t lost their precious memories, the memories that in fact construct a whole life, a Real life.. life is not to work, eat and go to sleep, life is to have a Real home, to have a Watan..
So, to buy a Porsche would b their utmost wish, or to own a villa ..etc.. (well at least some of them did think of solving real problems), but I still felt different , like coming from a different world, or another planet maybe.. (indeed, a planet called Iraq)..
Iraq is like one big, colored, cocoon that surrounds me w its kind arms, like a mother's .. I Cant get out of it, I Don’t want to get out of it.. I love the feelings it showers me with, the sense of security I can find no where else..
I see the whole world, (my whole world that is) through Iraq.. my Iraq..Iraqna, our real joy and glory, our deepest wound..
The Atelier ended .. we went home..
If only Dreams can come true..


A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Yasmin
Maybe what I'll write sounds a bit selfish but this what I think:

When I was back home, my only dream was to live in the U.K and of course to work as doctor here.

When I looked at all the dreams you mentioned and you compared I thought about the whole matter;
Which dream is going to persist?
To voucher around the world is something very intresting and yet,has an end and you might get bored of travelling and the unsetteled life as not all what we want is available everywhere.

To buy a porsh car , after few months it will be an old one and yet, you have to look for a new one.

To try finding a cure for cancer is the most noble one , however another disease will appear and the challege will go one.
Solving the problems in Africa is the matter which everyone is talking about but no real effective actions are being taken.

To look for a better Iraq is something you can achive and we can keep looking for a the better and the best.

I've choosen your dream

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear a&eiraqi,
i didn not quite understand by what u meant being selfish, is it ab wishing to live abroad when u were still in iraq? if so, i blv most of us had the same wish for various reasons..
to look for a better iraq, is what we all the (sodogh iraqiyeen, not all)wish for, but first we ahve to have our Watan back..

Little Penguin said...

my wish is to see Iraqis happy.. to see Iraqi children waking up and thinking 'today, im going to have fun at school and then I'll play with Saif ib raas il shari3 and then I'll come back for some zalabya and then sleep whilst my mum tells me bana bit bana's story and sings me dililoosh'..


Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear Little Penguin,
welcome back, i hope u did well in yr exams..
nice dreams.. v peaceful, v innocent..
i hope yr dream comes true some day.. ameen..