Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mahar ..

An Iraqi friend of mine, has just Ghetaat Mahar, she lives in an Arabic country..she sent me the fotos to share her happiness.. as I was not able to be there in person..
The fotos were indeed So beautiful.. u can read the happiness all over the Bride's face.. el –Aroos..and the Arees was Iraqi too (Tabaan..) and their families and a short list of close friends whom I know most of them..
I opened the fotos one by one , i got them by email , the great invention to keep us "almost" close in our "scattered being" around the world.. I couldn’t wait for the download.. why was it so slow? (I thought to myself) ..i was so eager to see Iraqi faces glowing with happiness..
The nice thing, they tried to do everything as if they were in Baghdad or Iraq.
My friend sat wearing a white Ghallabeya, decorated with golden designs.. her hair half covered with a white veil , in front of her was a circular big silver Seeneyya - tray (how nice.. how did she get it.. I thought, it looked old like an antique) ..
The following items were upon it :
- Mraya Faddha , a silver mirror (so the Aroos looks at herself on this special day, I also think some say its for good luck) ..
- 7 Kasat (small bowls) with some white material in each, sugar, flour, rice, etc.. so all her coming days are white ..
- Kasa filled with chocolates (bowl) and another with toffees or something sweet ..and a 3rd one with Henna inside..
- White candles..with green leaves almost covering the silver tray ..(obviousely she could not find Yas, the scented green plant used on these occasions..
- The Holy Quran opened in her lap , as she tries to read some Ayat (I hear sourat el Fateh is to b read) .
- One of the fotos, 2 ladies held a white scarf or shawl over el -Aroos's head, a 3rd lady was scrubbing 2 pieces of (Qand) (the Sugar Cones.. wonder wher did she get that ??) and so sugar was raining over her .. so that all her coming days are showered with happiness..
My friend looked so beautiful .. I thought ev body looked beautiful in the fotos .. or is it that I miss looking at Happy Iraqi faces ?? don’t know.. I just wished I could ve been there to participate in such a lovely iraqi occasion..
There were fotos of dancing.. all Iraqi songs were played, she wrote to me..
There was once an old Iraqi song , quite sad in fact .. by Fadhil Awwad.. im sure u all know it.. La khabar.. la chiffiya la hamedh heloo la sharbat .. so old I know.. but I love it still.. I love the verses..
لا خبر لا جفية لا حامض حلو لا شربت
لا خبر.. كالو صوانيهم شموع انترست
والتمت الحلوات من كل بيت حلوة التمن
thats what i still memorize..

Well.. for a while I lived a beautiful Iraqi was So touching I thought.. i feel so happy..
Yomel Elkom..


Little Penguin said...

of course youm il eli! lol

I cant wait till I tie the know on a beautiful Iraqiya who'll go back with me to Iraq to help restore the country's glory.

The thing is, I dont think I'll have all the swaani and shmoo3 and mesqool and stuff. It's not that I'm too 'modern' for those stuff, I just dont feel they're part of what I've been brought up to know as a marriage.. I've heard of the 7 gallabiyat the bride wears during a special part of the wedding.. exactly which part I have no idea.. everytime I hear of a wedding I realise there's more stages.. mashaya (or sharbet), khutba, 3aqid (the 7 gallabiyat stage I think), henna, and then the actual wedding and then something and awooo.. it goes on forever.. It's so unnecessary.. so much money and time.. just too superficial.. I know most people do it just to say "we did everything there is to do, unlike Um Sara who only did 2 parties".. you know what I mean?

anyways.. congratulations for your friend's mahar (wait, that's another stage I didn't mention! lol) and inshallah we all celebrate something or other very soon..


P.S: It's very strange that you post this today, because I had just come back from an hour-long discussion about a relative's wedding and how he wants it and who's gonna be there.. he's marrying an American so it's not gonna be as Iraqi as some would like.. who cares, they're happy! :)

3eeraqimedic said...
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Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear little penguin,
my freind had all the things i ve mentioned in my post in just One Ghaada.. it was not to show off, i thought it was nice that ppl abroad try to re-live the rituals they r used to back home, and i for myself blv this is somethink good, not superficial and unnecessary..i think it is necessary, it brings more joy to the event..
in any case u r free when u decide to tie the knot, i hope u find yr soul iraqi (tabaan)..
PS: how r yr exams going? best of luck .

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear Iraqi Medic,

Indeed, in this time, fotos r maybe the most valuable present one can receive, as we r all apart and never get to b present in eachother's occasions..

Little Penguin said...

yasmin, I apologise if I came across as pointing fingers at your friend.. I didn't mean to.

What I meant by the unnecessary and pompous spending is when the families (particularly the bride's) ensure that the event isn't just a wedding, it's when they get to flex their financial muscle (and the groom's, even if he ends up repaying his debts for years) in front of il mujtama3. what's ironic is that over the past few years, during which I've relatively extended my social network , i've seen these kind of marriages end spectacularly early, and funnily enough, their break-ups receive just as much social attention..

My observation, and the conclusion of my relative and his american wife-to-be, a marriage is a day for the couple to enjoy.. not for the viewing or eating pleasure of the distant relatives and family friends who don't even bother asking about your well-being, let alone being genuinely happy for you.

Once again, sorry if was offensive at all. el 3afu.


Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear Little Penguin,
no offense taken.. no need for apology.. i too only meant to say that not all occasions r extravagant and just a show.. it all depends on how the concerned ppl look at the whole meaning of marriage..
regards and best wishes..

A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Yasmin
Congratulation for your friend , it's good that someone is getting married at least we'll persist.

I agree with 3mti , it's all about feeling in touch with something we are away from.
Allah kereem
I like that song
But did they do some hosat like

um el-3rees kelechaya tetdahrab jawa el-churpaya?!!

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

hello a&eiraqi,
unfortunately i have not heard of such Hosa, and is it really to take place on day of wedding or Mahar?? (ha ha , just kidding)..
Im glad u like the post..i also liked yr funny saying : (at least we persist).. Jeddeyyat, i do we hope we do, the good ones only mind u, the (sodogh Iraqiyyeen)..