Monday, January 8, 2007

1st step

Finally, i have started my own blog..
Though i have been very tempted by the idea of writing, i must give credit to some freinds who have encouraged me ,, and gave me a dose of confidence..
i dont know if i will succeed and find anything to say.. but at least i will have satisfied my curiosity in this field i 've been hearing ab for so long..
This blog is really about the memories i cherish of my days in Baghdad..which i cant stop thinking about ever since i left many years ago.. i want to write my memories down so i wont forget them..
I want to write down all the beautiful (sodogh Iraqia) vocabulary i can remember so they stay clear in my mind.. i dont want to forget..i want to keep in mind every single detail of the days i have lived in Baghadad.. my beautiful days of noomee heloo..

i want to say ( thank u ) to my Freinds.. Shokran Jazeelan..
i hope i dont fail u..

1 comment:

saminkie said...

dear Noomeeheloo, I liked you blog alot but why you don't keep publishing in it...come on please.. publish anything...we want to hear from you....