Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baghdad Sky

It was a very clear night..
i went out for a walk.. the air was fresh, a little chill in the air..
i raised my head to the sky.. the incredible beauty of thousands and thousands of stars, bright, glowing ..i then noticed a particular triangle of rather large gleaming threesome.. at once i went back in time to when i was a little girl, lying in my summer bed,, in Baghdad.. on the roof..
when there was no war.. no fright.. the night was a wonderful trip for us (children) in summer time, we would wait for it eagerly.. with its wonderful rituals.. unpacking the mattresses, the steel beds set in the right position to avoid the early sunlight..
i used to lay on my bed, my sister in the next bed, we would chat of nothing, watching the beautiful stars, enjoying the nice coolness of the sheets.. we never wanted to fall asleep, the sky was too beautiful for us to close our eyes .. every night my mother would prepare our beds for us, we never needed her or my father to remind us of bed time.. in summer we loved to go to bed , on the roof.. to lie under the enchanting stars.. there was that same triangle of stars, my sister and i decided to call it that age we felt it was lit exactly for us..
how many years back was that?? when the night sky in Baghdad was just a beautiful night sky? designed with spotlights of stars?? it must be ages ago..
how sad that we can never forget,, no sky will ever be like (our sky) .. no stars will be like our stars.. is it just me ? or are all Iraqis like that??
i suppose all of them are.. at least the (sodogh iraqiyeen) ..
none of us will ever forget (Nomtel Satteh)..
how close the stars looked just now..
how far our sky seems..
will we ever see it again?? our sky?? our triangle??


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Yasmin said...

hi 3eeraqimedic,

no we didnt have Kulla..though now u mention it, it would add so much beauty to the memory..
i too hated the mearly morning flies, And hated coming Down to continue our sleep..
we never appreciate the simple things till we lose them ,, ooooof, i cant agree more..
my fotos r all lost too..(it seems we iraqiyeen have sooo much in common), thats y blogging is one way in trying to get the foto-memories back..
welcome to my blog,,