Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I was on my way to work, walking down the long bending street, when she crossed the road right in front of me, in lazy short step.. a beauuutiful grey little (bazzoona) ..she was so small, so cute.. that i really smiled watching where she was going, to the other side where there stands a big trash can .. she was a beautiful dark grey, her eyes round with a strange mixture of green-grey .. i thought to myself : bazzoona! shghad helwaa.. as if she heard what i was thinking, she gave me a charming look , as if saying : thank u, yes i know im beautiful..
i always liked to watch bazazeen.. never had one at home, i dont feel i can take care of one , but always loved watching them..
i remember one day in college, 2 colleagues were discussing (dogs and cats), the 1st said : i like dogs better, they r faithful, really friendly.. cats r ungrateful..u feed her, give her shelter, but u never gain her loyalty.. the 2nd said: why do u blame the cat for having a strong personality?..u cant buy her with food ..not like the dog who has no personality of his own, does only what is asked of him.. in my opinion.. such a weak personality ..
real funny words..
a realtive of mine had a great passion for cats, she had 2 of them at a time, beautiful and (mdanfosha) .. the bazzoona was called Fattoom, the bazzoon was called Ghawwar, after the famous tv series at the time..they were both so freindly and attention seekers, they would jump into yr lap once u sit down.. they were really adorable..
one little bazzoona, brought more memories of the days i miss.. the days that will never come back.. they have become only in another life..we only need one small incident to go back in time.. to the ppl we love and miss, to baghdadna that we love and miss..


Little Penguin said...

I grew up with cats coming in our house, and more cats going out. My father was always against cat eventhough ALL of us loved them.. I guess we inherited it from my mother who absolutely loved 'il bazoona il shamiyya' she had in Karrada back in the 60s..

I dont understand why you keep referring to the past as if it's hopelessly beyond us. Maybe what's really impossible to bring back is lost relatives and demolished monuments, but there's always hope of a return to Baghdadna.. in my case it's Najafna.. but im equally grateful if I ended up in either of them! :)


P.S: into 'akhjaltom tawadho3ana' in your description of my post.. im really flattered.. thank you.

Yasmin said...

il bazzoona el shameya sure is a beauty,, i do agree..
im not sure its about being hopeless,, i dont know if its an inside sad feeling of the great loss or is it about a v deep feeling of Ishteyaq, so deep that it brings tears to my eyes whenever i hear an iraqi song, or watch the new iraqi tv channels with its ooold iraqi tv series that we used to watch back in baghdad..i dont know what is it exactly.. but i suppose yes, u r right i dont blv i shall ever get to go back..
i visited yr blog yeterday for the first time..i only had time to read (smiling still)adn as i wrote it was incredibly touching..u r so talented considering yr age,, really beautiful..
P.S. im flattered that u have added noomee heloo to yr list of links, as im only in the beginning ..many thanks..
yes we ll keep talking ab baghdadna and najafna and iraqna..
inshallah we ll b back someday..

A&Eiraqi said...

Bazoon mdanfish

this is a very iraqi post, I miss everything there even el-bezazeen
here it's not common to see them, people like dogs more.

Good luck

Little Penguin said...

the bazoon was ghawar and the bazoona was fatoom.. If your relative had a dog, she'd call him Abu Antar? lol

A&E, it is a very Iraqi post.. kullish kullish.. mo shon ma chan.. like you said on another blog, Iraqis here aren't like the ones back home.. I haven't heard some of these words in a million years.. why? because Iraqis here say "inteeni il tissue iblees" instead of "nawushni qootiyat il kleenix bela za7am".. you see what I mean?..

Yasmin, we should clone you.. :)

Yasmin said...

a&e iraqi,
im glad u find it a v iraqi post, this was the idea..
i dont want to forget the words that r (sodugh iraqiya).. as i wrote once in a comment of mine in Darbounat Karim (i sent my comments under the name blanche)..i want to keep the beautiful khorafeya iraqi words fresh in my memory..
welcome to my humble blog..

Yasmin said...

dear little Penguin,,

u really Khajjaletnee this time,, thank u for yr sweet , kind words..
i loved yr iraqi words..
im so glad that u r hearing words u havent heard for so long..
this way u will make me (copy) all the iraqi words i wrote in my comments in Darbounat kareem to bring u more joy..
i will try to use them in next posts inshallah..
nice schoice for the dog ' name had they had one..but they didnt.. u made me laugh..

mewmewmew said...

I remember sitting and watching the process of mixing the dough and filling the qallaba.. god it was such fun.. the best bit was smashing the qallaba onto the seeniya and squinting at how loud the pang was.. I think we used to have like secret contests as to who could produce the loudest pang without getting told off, in the name of making klecha.. dear o dear.. it feels like a century ago..

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