Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tamor - Nabogh Ajam

I was never much of a (Tamor) fan,, lately i have become one.. after reading all these articles about its great benefits..
Anyway, i have become in the habbit of trying out new kinds every now them, buying them from the near by market which has Every kind of fruit to please all tastes..
the other day, a new pack attracted my attention, the package was very neat, and i thought to myself (it would be very handy later on) .. the Tamor packed inside, was of medium size, pale brown, sort of dry and wrinkled..
Now the nice surprise was when i tasted it.. it had the wonderful taste of Nabogh Ajam.. does anybody remeber Nabogh Ajam??
when we were little, in primary school, the wondering salesmen would be standing next to the schhol gate, waiting for us to come out, their (Arabana)s supplied with all our joyful needs, Shaar Banat(cotton candy), ice cream, Shameyya(pop corn), Habb(melon seeds).. etc..
My favourite was Nabogh Ajam (that i dont know in English).. we would come out of school and at once gather around them , asking for all kinds of Namnameyat they have, in exchange for our little pocket money .. (mine at the time was 1 Derham, then was increased to Meet Filis)..
strangely enough we could buy all sorts of things with our little daily Masroof, teher was always enough to buy us a small pack of Shameyya, or a handful of Habb.. or a small bar of Nastala (chocolat)..
My favourite was always Nabogh Ajam (that, i dont know in English) .. but i know it had the most wonderful taste of fruit.. the salesman would weigh a certain amount and sell to us in small brown paper bags.. very small brown paper bags, they dont exist anymore..
if anyone ever tasted that Nabogh, he would know what im talking about..
I asked the iraqis i know, no one remembered it.. they didnt know what im talking about..
is it possible that its only me who keep having things to remind me of Iraqna and our beloved Baghdad? the happy old days of primary school?
well, the Tamor proved to have another benefit , it took me back in time ..to the joyful days that will never come back ..
i will go eat some more Tamor-Nabogh Ajam..


Little Penguin said...

I know most of the stuff you mentioned, though I had to double check on the noomi helo, because it's not referred to as often as noomi hamuth. lol

I hadn't tasted nabog before, since it's not very common where I've lived.. never lived in Iraq so I didn't know much about it.. but I asolutely crave the leblebi, the habb.. aaah.. memories.. I used to beaten up inside the school premises, but my joy lay outside.. with the old 3arabanchiya!

I'm in love with your blog.. keep the memories coming..

Inshallah we'll all go back to Baghdad one day..

Yasmin said...

hello little penguin,
im glad u liked my blog..(akhjaltom twadhoena).. im still just trying..
as u mention u did not actually live in iraq, i dont know whether u have tasted noomee heloo or not..if u havent, im sorry to say : omrak khasara..
leblebi and habb we all miss , i too wish we go back some day..ameen..