Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jisr Al- Sarrafeyya

I don’t know what to say with this new disaster..Jisr el sarrafeya and what it means to all of us iraqiyeen .. with all its memories.. its like its been there in its place since eternity.. who of us doesn’t have a memory of some kind attached to it ?? .. the oldest bridge in Bgahdad..WHY !!
It always gave me a feeling of strength and kindness at the same time .. like a Very big (Hodhon).. i always felt like it has arms that embrace me when i pass over it..i almost felt it was smiling at me .. laying still on Dijla..
Strange thing is no matter how hard I tried to remember the details I couldn’t .. just bits and pieces.. noticing how low Maiy Dijla has become in summer and the words( oh yes, this year its v hot.. ofcourse the water is so if it was ever cool in summer in baghadad..
When we used to go to bet Amtee we had to cross Sarrafeya bridge.. so its memory is always attached with going to bet Amtee.. strangely enough just 2 days ago I wrote ab the looong trip to Adhameya..we felt (as kids) it was so long, that me and my sister would sit in the back seat of the car backwards, with our faces facing the back window of the car kneeling on our knees on the back (Coshen) and start singing Alll the Anasheed we memorize to pass the time till we arrive to bet Amtee .. poor mom and dad..and on the way back, we always fell asleep in the back on the trip back home..
trip to Adhameya..Why cant I remember its details ?? details of the way to Adhameya from our house?? Strange the only that comes to mind is Qabor Zobayda.. with its strange design..
Nothing else I can remember..
Seeing half of it down in water, i felt like my hopes in going back one day has sunk down with the dark depths of the river..
i dont know if i shall publish this..
i feel my heart will break ..


A&Eiraqi said...

It's not only a bridge , it's a symbol.
They didn't destroy the bridge only , they want to destroy us, I don't think that I'm exagerating it but , they want to deprive us from everything, look at this blog, till this post I used to consider it as the only blog which concenrned about happiness, nice lovely things to remeber and nothing else, yet they destroyed something was nice to be remembered or mentioned.

I've said it before : we're facing beasts, what worse could happen?

MixMax said...

As a&eiraqi indicated, it is not a bridge they distroyed, it is a symbol, part of our heritage from beloved Baghdad. The sorrow and agony I feel for the people and for the civilazation under fire by all scumbags is beyond imagination

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear a&e iraqi,
thanks for dropping by.. im sure u can tell how down i feel.. we all do today with this sad event..
yes i do agree.. they want to destroy Us.. i know we shouldnt let them.. we ll just take some time to rise the Phoenix (al Anqaa) matter how much they try to burn our spirit, no matter how many times they try to break us down, we shall rise up again from the ashes..i myself never thought i would write ab such events, but this Jisr meant so much to me, to u, to all of us..
so , as i said.. we shall b like the Phoenix.. all of us.. we must never let them destroy us..
take care..

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

the sorrow fills us is indeed beyond beleif, what they r doing, what we r feeling..
but as i said , we must not let them succeed and get to us..
no matter how deep the wound is, we shall rise up again , not surrender to sadness and defeat..
thanks for yr visit..

Little Penguin said...

Yasmin, I feel like crying. I really do.

What has Iraq done to people that they want to wipe it off the map? What have Iraqis done that makes everyone hate them?

We are hated for no reason. We face the death penalty having seen no evidence of a crime. That's us.. Iraqis.

As we remember Iraq, we cry.. I cry.. you cry.. our tears cleanse our hearts and keep us strong.. our tears make us who were are.. Iraqis.

Be well.. It'll be over soon.

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Dear little Penguin,

v strange, the same words u wrote go round and round in my mind..why do we face death penalty?? u have chosen the exact words.. Subhan Allah..and v much true what u said : they do want to wipe iraq + iraqiyeen from this world.. why?? thats something i dnt think will ever b able to figure it out..
i really Loved yr words,thank u .. such words help, blv me, Inshallah soon there will b Faraj..akeed.. inshallah..
take care..

Konfused Kid said...

I was so angry about this incident and I was surprised at myself for being so angry. Anyway, melancholy and lovely post as usual.

as soon as i finish this i'm going to the kahi's 8:45 AM now Friday, which must mean Kahi. if it's good, maybe i will a3zim you when u come around next time.

Little Penguin said...

cha dont we get invitations? 7atti lo mujamalat..

Caesar of Pentra said...

Nice impressive posting. I wanted to post about it but when I read yours, I realized that I can't do it better than you did.
Bravo, Jasmine!

Konfused Kid said...

yabba tidalal aghati penguin suduk chidhib, i will eat an extra one and think of you.

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Konfused Kid hi,
u didnt tell me the address of Kahi place.. is it fair that u get to eat Kahi alone??and on Friday morning too, Henyalak.. alf afya..
thank u for yr sweet words..

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Caesar of Pentra ,
welcome in my blog..
i didnt think the post was good, i wrote it and published it immediately..but yr words and teh other guests words r indeed v kind..
thank u..