Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Comment ..

Sometimes, a photo can tell a whole story.
I would have just added (No Comment) and posted this, but couldn’t help but take in all the details.. and write a few lines..
The traditional tiles (Cashi) of the kitchen floor, the old, multi colored drawers and cupboards, the traditional plastic Dolka, the traditional Jidir..slightly burnt.. a whole world of daily innocent life..
Then the 3 women, the way their heads bent in fear, taking refuge in the innocence of their babies.. fear that is just beyond description, fear they have never experienced before.... where else to go? This soldier has violated even the simple safety of their own small home, of their own small kitchen.. with his ugly military boots .. he didn’t spare them even that.. searching inside the drawer for what?? Hidden rifles?? Or maybe for Weapons of Mass Destruction!?..
What to call this photo?? Fear? Beastly war?? Occupation?? Iraq today??
Not a thousand word article would be able to describe this photo..
Make sure to take in all the details .. (try to magnify each part of the photo, I did) ..
For no reason but being ordinary Iraqi people, living in Iraq.. right now.. this poor family had to go and have to go through this, and maybe much more worse, every day, at any time .. day or night..
It’s a photo from Iraq, Iraqna.. Yes, the same one we once lived in ..
Sadness is just too short a word.. Pain is beyond belief..


A&Eiraqi said...

Pain is beyond belief
What a wonderful expression, I'm trying to shut my mouth up but it's too much to tolerate all these things , I really need to scream but I don't know what to say in my screem , should I say :YA IRAQ, or WHY,or something else?
there are 100 of ?? which I don't know how to answer, is it the end ?

we are really tired and they're really suffering , is there any hope left?
Is it worthy to live???
I'm really confused.

Little Penguin said...

I think we've gone past the stage where we see something and are shocked by it.. these pictures are the norm in many many Iraqi houses.. tragic, but true..

What are we to do about it?

I dont know.. campain for deeper accountability for EVERY action that soldiers make.. I mean they're in a war-zone so they're under immense pressure.. but to strip iraqi prisoners and force them to perform oral sex? To put three helpless woman in their kitchen's corner and rummage through their possessions as if Iraq's insurgency was depending on the women's chafacheer and cha6alat.. something should be done.. Allah kareem, but what are we doing?..

Im so upset by this picture.. and im even more upset that it has become the norm..

il faraj ya elahi..

Konfused Kid said...

Wonderful analysis of this picture, I really like your prose style. However, here's some though for you to try: i am not affected by those pictures because we never had any dignity to begin with in the first place since Saddam's time, it's always lay low and avoid the blow.

يعني مكفخين طول عمرنا شوكت جان اكو عندنا كرامة شوكت جان اكو عندنا نفط
كلشي ماكو

3eeraqimedic said...
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Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear a&eiraqi,
yr questions are the same that go round and round in my mind..
i also keep saying : allah Kareem.. Allah Akbar men el kol..
but this does not make the agony goes away..
but what can we do but pray for them ? for Iraqna, for ev beautiful meaning we have of our country and our feloow citizenes..
Allah Yefrejha .. ameen..

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear little penguin,
we allf eel the same as i said before,i wanted to share this foto, not because its the worst, im sure there r many others that represent more inhumanity, more cruelty, etc..
but something in this foto really shook deeply..i dnt know y, maybe when i noticed the details of the ev day life that we have become to lack ..dnt know exactly..
again we have but to say : Allah Kareem..

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Konfused Kid,
thanks for yr words..
maybe yours is another way to look at matters.. but this does not stop me from feeling the greif when i see such scene taken as an example of a completely normal day in iraq.. for a more than ordinary family (there s not a manpresent, only women and children)..
i cant stop the sadness from engulfing me when i look at it..

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear 3eeraqimedic,
i thought th esame like u at first, i blv its someone from National Geographic, or any one from some journal, gone to iraq to take (Realistic) fotos of the that guy from CNN or dnt know where who lost half his skull when a bomb exploded next to him, and now he s on tv,in CBS news, as Oprah's guest, etc,.. telling the world how he survived, and his wife telling us how she suffered cause he was in Coma..
again to that i would say : No Comment..

Jew from Babylon said...

By the way, I have not tasted noomee heloo since leaving Iraq.Does it not exist anywhere else in the world?

Kitten said...

erm apologies for my ignorance..but what is noomeeheloo?

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Noomee heloo is a fruit, a kind of lemon, but it has a specialty that it tastes of bitter sweet , its scent is so wonderful..

3eeraqimedic said...
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Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear 3eeraqi Medic,
that was quite an accomplishment.. i salute u, how did u find it??
im sure it was a moment of sheer joy.. good for u..